Monthly Archives: May 2014

My photoshoot this time was to photograph a 2.5 year old Rottweiler/Lab Cross who lives on a farm at Flitwick in Bedfordshire. This loving and playful dog is called ‘Mini’ ! Mini was rescued 18 months ago from an owner who was keeping her in a yard with no shelter and minimal food.  She was disparagingly named  as ‘Vicious’ by that owner – that could not be further from the truth !  I can’t fathom why some people have dogs at all just to maltreat them.

Her owner – Sarah – is a Vet so Mini is of course in the best hands and gets to pop into Sarah’s surgery  on social visits and run around the farm . Living on a farm gave us the opportunity to use some private fields for the photoshoot so Mini could run free with no worries about anything apart from having some fun. What more can a dog want  🙂


Meet “Rusty” who is almost one and half years old. She is a boisterous Fox Red Labrador bitch enjoying a play at a local beauty spot called Barton Springs in Bedfordshire.   Rusty, who is currently undergoing gun dog training,  was rehomed at 6 months. Her previous owner had neither time nor space for her basic training. Rusty has a great pedigree with both Crufts and field champions under the name of Mistress Sina.  Barton Springs are situated on the southeast side of Barton Le Clay and the hills form part of the Chilterns. A chalk stream flows from the hills and it is obvious from the portrait shoot how much Rusty enjoyed playing in it !  

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