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Meet Wilma, a spaniel cross breed of two years old from a rescue background. She is a ball of energy and could not have been a more perfectly friendly dog.  The owner and I took her out to a nearby field and Wilma had a whale of a time chasing her ball.  It is so good seeing dogs from rescue homes that seem now to be so happy and well adjusted – a new lease of life for them when things must have seemed very bleak. Her are the usual few shots from the shoot

It is a sad occasion when an owner needs to call me in to photograph a sick or Terminal animal but as has always been the case for any such shoot in my experience it always gladdens me to see how lovingly those pets are looked after up to their eventual end. No owners could do more and it must be a big comfort to them to know that they have done all they can to minimise any suffering and maximise their pets comfort.  Misty – who I believe is a ‘tortie’ and white colour – was in such a position but she seemed perfectly at peace in her own familiar territory.  Once she had settled down we took a few shots of her inside and out in her favourite places in the garden. So glad to be able to provide those special memories for an owner.




Bonnie was an apt name for this dog who is a star ! She had been seriously ill a few months before the shoot and there were concerns about her surviving. Thankfully she rallied against all the odds and made a fantastic recovery. She is 5 years old, very friendly and was just happy chasing her ball in The Firs next to the beautiful Ampthill Park.

Gracy is a lovely Maine Coon cat. She was very shy for me and gave me a good runaround in trying to coax her out from behind the sofa whilst waiting for her to peep out.  It was only with people she didn’t know which included Photographers of course with long lenses in her lounge.  Patience was rewarded and I was able to grab a few shots that I hope do these beautiful cats justice. These animals are big friendly  giants, very good natured with stunning good looks.  One of their many characteristics is a ruff around their necks and tufted ears. They of course require a lot of grooming but their luxuriant hair is just another endearing feature.

Decided to update some of my blogs as they have fallen behind quite a bit – OK a lot  !

This was a  shoot I did for a Bedfordshire owner for her dog named ‘Peewit’. The dog is a 6 year old working cocker now retired. The name was derived from a bird the owner used to own  ? Peewit is a dog so full of energy – as are most of the dogs featured in my shoots – so despite being a freezing cold day at the time it was face down in the grass as usual for me to capture a ‘dogs eye view’.

Here are of a few images from the shoot.

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