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A few months ago I met Meg – A young Collie of 5 months old at the time. Meg is a very well behaved and sociable dog perfectly happy to play with her Kong toy and greet other dogs. She is a Collie Cros with a Labrador so has the best of both breeds. Pure collies are working and herding dogs developed in the Anglo-Scottish border region for herding different types of livestock but mainly sheep.  It was specifically bred for intelligence and obedience and that definitely came through during the shoot. Everybody loves Labs and I was no exception.



I recently photographed two lovely dogs in Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire on a lakeside walk.  Meg is a Border collie (4 years) and Flurry ( 3 years) a Hungarian Vizsla, two stunning and lively dogs. Whilst most know the highly intelligent Border Collie, the Vizsla is not quite so well know. The breed originated in Hungary as hunting dogs. They are loyal,  friendly and make wonderful family dogs. The breed is increasing in popularity in the Uk and now lists as one of the top 50 most popular breeds. Flurry was certainly lively and enjoyed jumping and retrieving as one would expect from his breeding. Meg also loved her ball and would wait relentlessly for it to be thrown so she could do it all over again !

Here are a few shots of the lovely Meg and Flurry from the day.

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