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Yes his full name but just called Buck for short ! Buck is a sprocker – cross between a springer and a cocker. Described by his owner as mad as a box of frogs but in a lovely way. He adores peoples and is a very sociable dog but typical of sprockers, all puddles and mud pools were there for him to jump into. Luckily we got the shoot completed before he did that. The shoot was at Rowney Warren in Bedfordshire.


Meet Rosie, a seven month old cocker full of life and with never ending energy and a blistering turn of speed of speed. She is also a good lap dog I am informed. The shoot was at Priory Park, Bedford  and despite being early morning she made the acquaintance of many other dogs but all on the best of terms.

A few shots from the shoot are below

Decided to update some of my blogs as they have fallen behind quite a bit – OK a lot  !

This was a  shoot I did for a Bedfordshire owner for her dog named ‘Peewit’. The dog is a 6 year old working cocker now retired. The name was derived from a bird the owner used to own  ? Peewit is a dog so full of energy – as are most of the dogs featured in my shoots – so despite being a freezing cold day at the time it was face down in the grass as usual for me to capture a ‘dogs eye view’.

Here are of a few images from the shoot.

I was lucky enough to ‘meet’ these two spaniels – a cocker and a Springer. The owner warned me that they were fast and it would be challenging ! I thought I had seen it all before and after letting off some steam they would calm down. After one hour they still had not stopped.  The shoot was a lot of fun,  great practice and they are fantastic dogs. The walk,  off Alameda walk in Ampthill,  led into a beautiful heather covered area and occasionally the dogs would disappear into the undergrowth only to emerge from a different direction bursting out of the undergrowth. Looking forward to more shoots like that.

Here are a few from the morning.

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