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Earlier in the year I mer Rosie who at the time was a seven month old black labrador. A beautiful young dog full of fun and so obedient for such a youngster. She was very inquisitive and playful and especially liked playing in the stream with her ball. The shoot was held in Putnoe woods in Bedfordshire

Very recently I met ‘Luna’ with Hazel her owner who had booked me for the shoot. Luna is a Yellow Labrador of seven months and was a a real bundle of energy that kept going and going even after one hour at which stage most dogs I have found will have decided that they have let off enough steam.  We went for  a beautiful walk next to the River Ouse at Olney, Bedfordshire and it was not long before Luna showed her true love of water and she charged into the river  – again and again !! The River Ouse is quite fast flowing which concerned me but she held her own even against the flow of the water. Luckily she was a strong swimmer.  One swan shown in the background of one of the images took a dim view of Luna being in her territory but all was well that ended well.

A really enjoyable shoot and many thanks to her owners.


I recently was asked to do a photoshoot of three black labradors  and we chose a place in Bedfordshire called Rowney Woods. The three dogs called Paddy, Spud and Grace were bundles of energy and had a great time disappearing into the thick undergrowth and then just as suddenly bounding out from an entirely new area.  Luckily the bells on their necks enabled us to track their movements. It was a fun shoot and thanks to Linda for booking me.

As a little background info, Rowney Woods in Bedfordshire is owned by The Forestry Commission and makes a wonderful walking and biking route amongst the woods in the bracken. The soil is very red in the woods as are some of the old bricks of farmhouses in the area indicating that there used to be ironworks with pits and quarries here. In the past it was also used by the commoners of Shefford, a local small town, and was known as Shefford common. The commoners had grazing rights and were allowed to collect the bedding here for their animals.

Anyway I diversify and here are a handful of images from the shoot.


Three weeks ago I did a shoot for the owner of two labradors.  It was a very hot afternoon and we were all feeling the heat when we took the dogs on a walk at Lower Stondon in Bedfordshire. After crossing the oil seed rape fields our walk took in some deep pools which the dogs loved to hurl themselves into no doubt to cool down, only to return each time shaking their bodies with water flying in all directions. It was a bit chaotic but showed just how much Labs love water !  There was a constant race for the ball to see who could first retrieve it from the water but think we had to declare a draw  🙂


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