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Buster is a game little Jack Russell Terrier. We completed a shoot with him on a blazing hot day and I think we were all feeling the heat, Buster included. He demonstrated this by sensibly choosing the coolest spots to flop down and was not going to settle for anything less.  He is 10 years old and like so many dogs was rarely parted from his ball. Buster came from a rescue centre and was rehomed at one years old. The photo session was at Priory Park in Great Paxton.

It is so heartening to meet so many dogs that are rehomed and given such wonderfully loving homes.


Met Mac in May and we had a beautiful shoot at Odell in Bedfordshire. There was a large bluebell wood in bloom at the time and conditions were perfect.

There is a story attached to Mac’s arrival and his life. He is now a 16 year springer spaniel who came from a rescue centre. The owner’s parents brought Mac home rather quickly to help ease the loss for the owner of their much beloved labrador who had unfortunately to cross the ‘rainbow bridge’. Mac has been a wonderful dog, the kindest dog anyone could wish for and he even helped many others to overcome their fears of dogs since he was so gentle. Up to the age of about 13 he was very lively and full of fun but then he started to slow down and then that was compounded by a stroke. Thankfully he has bounced back from it  and apart from a few muscular hinderances, that he appears to ignore, he is obviously an extremely happy dog.

The last shot below is Mac with his lifelong friend Buster whom had to have a mention. Don’t want him to get jealous 🙂



My photoshoot this time was to photograph a 2.5 year old Rottweiler/Lab Cross who lives on a farm at Flitwick in Bedfordshire. This loving and playful dog is called ‘Mini’ ! Mini was rescued 18 months ago from an owner who was keeping her in a yard with no shelter and minimal food.  She was disparagingly named  as ‘Vicious’ by that owner – that could not be further from the truth !  I can’t fathom why some people have dogs at all just to maltreat them.

Her owner – Sarah – is a Vet so Mini is of course in the best hands and gets to pop into Sarah’s surgery  on social visits and run around the farm . Living on a farm gave us the opportunity to use some private fields for the photoshoot so Mini could run free with no worries about anything apart from having some fun. What more can a dog want  🙂


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