Your Session

_DSC1734When deciding what level of package you would like it is important to bear in mind that pets welfare is very important.  If a session is too long a pets interest will quickly evaporate especially if due to really bad weather we have decided together that a home studio shoot will be your preferred option.  Sessions in natural light and at an outdoor location of your choice keep pets stress levels to a minimum but a full home studio can be arranged at your home, space permitting.

Please note that if a session has to be cancelled due  to really bad weather but an outdoor location is what you would prefer, there will then be no charge to re-book that session. Overcast and dull weather however is not a problem and can often be good photographically, but being outside in bad conditions such as pouring rain is no fun for anyone and you may prefer to re-book. If outdoors then please be dressed to suit the good British weather accordingly.

We suggest that you have your pet groomed and brushed to look at its best. We will also ask you to be help handling your pet during the session to make sure the pet is in the right place,  besides which it will be more comfortable with a familiar face on hand.


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